Monday, September 29, 2008

Analysis - Daredevil

The movie Daredevil by Mark Steven Johnson features Steve Boeddeker from Skywalker Sound as sound designer.

Right from the beginning, with credits morphng ot of braille, the DVD presents an enfolding soundscape with some touches of LFE. Thunder, an exhaust mutating into a chord, 1 sec long cutting visual and sonic flashbacks, sirens, then helicopters circling.

Next you enter a church for some rest in the quiet resonance. A voiceover takes you back in time for the prologue, the ambience of which is defined by trains and dogs barking in the distance of hell's kitchen. Music is nicely interwoven.

The scene where Matt looses his eyesight is very well defined, leading to silence before his shocking discovery of his enhanced perception. He experiences a sensory overload when first confronted with the world of noise all around, finding rest only when the clang of chuch bells focuses his attention.

I like the idea of Matt resting in a double-walled, water-filled coffin that is sealed airtight. The incidental music he turns on in the morning to accompany the routine of his daily preparation - contrasting to his nightlife, to be revealed later - comes from a surround receiver. And well-crafted surround it is to be.

It is a foley-artists' dream, all sounds, big and especially small, being prominent to Matt and the viewer / listener. His is a world of enveloping and defining sound, and so is ours, at least while the movie lasts.

Well done!


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